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Sandbox Studio offers a complete range of audio and music production services, including recording music, podcasts, audiobooks, dialogue, and voiceovers. Location in the heart of Wellington City, Sandbox Studio is uniquely positioned on the 9th floor of a Highrise office building in Wellington’s central business district.

Sandbox Studio provides a comfortable living room atmosphere with a friendly and relaxed environment. The studio is decorated with earthy and inviting colours, the interrior is upcycled from mostly free or recycled materials. Plants are placed throughout the beautifully lit studio space while providing a breath of fresh air.

Sandbox Studio has a collection of legendary microphones and analogue hardware to record your project. At Sandbox Studio mixing is made fast, fun, and rewarding. The studio team is experienced and efficient, ensuring that your recording, mixing, and mastering sessions are utilised to the fullest.

Sandbox Studio’s unique appeal is in the workflow and equipment, which is optimised and fine-tuned to provide consistently high-quality outcomes. Sandbox Studio also offers an ultra-quiet state-of-the-art isolation booth, which is fully floating and provides the lowest ambient noise levels in town, comparable to an Anechoic chamber.

Sandbox Studio offers a comfortable, relaxed, and inspiring atmosphere, state-of-the-art equipment, experienced engineers, and efficient management of projects from start to finish.


Gear for Success


One of the most important factors for any great recording is having the right choice of microphone. Sandbox Studio offers an extraordinary collection of 150 microphones, 30 preamps, 20 processors (compressors, equalisers, distortion boxes), all of which is analogue hardware.

The hardware found at Sandbox Studio includes some of the greatest recording equipment in history, with legendary names such as: Neumann, Neve, SSL, Sony, Universal Audio, Focusrite and Trident Audio Developments, just to mention a few.

In addition to having a great sounding microphone collection, preamps and a noiseless iso booth, we provide online recordings via source connect which provides a direct and latency-free hi-res stream connection to 50,000 studios worldwide. With source connect, the talent and studio are no longer dependent on their physical location.

Through Sandbox Studio you can now record from anywhere in the world, with highly sought-after recording equipment which does not exist anywhere else in New Zealand. And there is more, because making the most expensive gear available to everyone wouldn’t be true unless it’s also affordable to everyone.

Sandbox Studio is a proud supporter of the local music scene, and as such Sandbox Studio offers highly competitive artist rates, package deals and affordable VO rates, which finally makes great sounding recordings available and affordable for everyone.


Tuned Instruments



Experience the impact of a beautiful sounding Mapex Armory drum kit. Our purpose-built riser decouples the drums from the floor, resulting in a clean and balanced sound. Maintained by Engineer and drum-tech Peter Molteno, our in-house drum kit is regularly tuned and ready for you to record with ease.



Experience the flawless sound of our Weinbach piano, expertly maintained and tuned to perfection by our Founder and qualified Piano Tuner, Benni Krueger.


Meet The Crew


At Sandbox Studio a highly experienced production team awaits your recording project. Imagine what your recording will sound like when combining the greatest recording equipment in history with the proprietary knowledge of the Sandbox powerhouse.

Sandbox Studios crew consists of industry experts in the production of music, dialogue, voice overs, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Sandbox Studio is jointly run by studio engineers Benni Krueger and Peter Molteno


Benni Krueger

Founder | CEO | Chief Technologist


Peter Molteno

Co-founder | COO | Chief Engineer


Byron Webb

Mastering Engineer | Chief Producer


Sam Buttler

Digital Artist | Brand Director


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24/7 International direct call: +64 22 0200 223


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