Sandbox Studio offers a complete range of audio and music production services, including recording music, podcasts, audiobooks, dialogue, and voiceovers. Location in the heart of Wellington City, Sandbox Studio is uniquely positioned on the 9th floor of a Highrise office building in Wellington’s central business district.

Sandbox Studio provides a comfortable living room atmosphere with a friendly and relaxed environment. The studio is decorated with earthy and inviting colours, the interrior is upcycled from mostly free or recycled materials. Plants are placed throughout the beautifully lit studio space while providing a breath of fresh air.

Sandbox Studio has a collection of legendary microphones and analogue hardware to record your project. At Sandbox Studio mixing is made fast, fun, and rewarding. The studio team is experienced and efficient, ensuring that your recording, mixing, and mastering sessions are utilised to the fullest.

Sandbox Studio’s unique appeal is in the workflow and equipment, which is optimised and fine-tuned to provide consistently high-quality outcomes. Sandbox Studio also offers an ultra-quiet state-of-the-art isolation booth, which is fully floating and provides the lowest ambient noise levels in town, comparable to an Anechoic chamber.

Sandbox Studio offers a comfortable, relaxed, and inspiring atmosphere, state-of-the-art equipment, experienced engineers, and efficient management of projects from start to finish.